Dress like in a Klimt painting

klimtLast week I spent the weekend in the beautiful Vienna: during museums marathon, lunches and dinners in wonderful little places, I also got to admire Gustav Klimt‘s art quite often. He was one of the most significant artists of the Austrian Secession movement, and the most striking aspect of his art, to me, were his women’s portraits. These ladies were often socialites of the Austrian capital at Klimt‘s time, sometimes friends of his, other times flings. Woman In Gold, released in 2015, was a very successful movie that brought this artist under the spotlight again. “Klimt’s women“’s dresses sometimes blend with the artwork, other times they become the main subject of the work. Among this explosion of gold, flowers and mythological figures, we thought about what these ladies might actually really wear, if they happened to walk out of their painting’s frame. We aren’t entirely sure we can take them shopping with us, but what is for sure is we can invite them for a coffee and a slice of delicious Sacher cake!


// <![CDATA[

jQuery(document).ready(function () {

// get current slide’s number

function currentSlide() {

var hash = window.location.hash || ‘#photo-1’;

return parseInt(hash.replace(/[A-Za-z#\-\/!]/g, ”) – 1);


// global vars

var cycleSelector = jQuery(‘.slideshow’),

startSlide = currentSlide(),

hasSlid = 0;

// append some markup for the controls



// start jQuery Cycle


startingSlide: startSlide,

// when using the next/prev links

onPrevNextEvent: function(isNext, idx, slide) {

hasSlid = 1;

window.location.hash = “photo-“+ (parseInt(idx) + 1) + “”;

return false;


// when using the pager thumbnails

onPagerEvent: function(idx, slide) {

hasSlid = 1;

window.location.hash = “photo-“+ (parseInt(idx) + 1) + “”;

return false;


timeout: 0,

pager: ‘#nav ul’,

next: ‘#next’,

prev: ‘#prev’,

speed: 500,

// build the thumbnails

pagerAnchorBuilder: function(idx, slide) {

return ‘

  • ‘;



    // bind to the hashchange event

    jQuery(window).bind(‘hashchange’, function () {

    var slideNo = currentSlide();

    // we only want to fire the slide change if the next button or the pager hasn’t done it for us

    if (hasSlid === 0) { cycleSelector.cycle(slideNo); }

    // return it back to zero

    hasSlid = 0;



    // when the page loads, we need to trigger a hashchange

    jQuery(window).trigger( “hashchange” );

    jQuery(‘#gallery-wrapper’).on(‘swipeleft’, function() {



    jQuery(‘#gallery-wrapper’).on(‘swiperight’, function() {




    // ]]>

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