Textures Textures :: Suede trench & Fringe sandals

Banana Republic-5


Happy Friday everyone!  A palette of tan and olive, I love the earthiness of this color story.  As it gets significantly cooler around sunset, this suede trench helped me transition from day to night.  It’s such a classic cut and is incredibly soft and velvety!


Banana Republic-16


Banana Republic-15


Pairing fun details together, I added fringe and feathers with scallop shapes.  And a fun styling tip… I love rolling up my shorts to create a subtle flare effect and a more casual feel.


Banana Republic-7


Banana Republic-14


Banana Republic-3


Banana Republic-18


Thank you so much for reading!  And special thanks to Banana Republic for partnering on this post!


:: Outfit ::


Top :: Banana Republic trench, Banana Republic tee


Bottom :: Banana Republic scallop shorts


Accessories :: Ray-Ban sunglasses, Isabel Marant necklace


Shoes :: Banana Republic fringe sandals


Bag :: Banana Republic suede bag




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