48 hours in Zurich: what to do, what to see and where to eat

zuryIf there’s a place in Europe you need to visit in 2016 it’s definitely Zurich. The Swiss city is currently at the centre of attention especially amongst art lovers who will be able to enjoy its exclusive installations and exhibitions, because this year Zurich is celebrating 100 years since the birth of Dadaism. The movement, which transformed the European cultural framework, was actually born in Zurich. Dadaists were extravagant, anti-conformists and cast doubt over everything from cinema to art, but they were also gifted with creativity and a passion for life. And this is exactly what Zurich has decided to start off with: from special events and exhibitions ending with a music festival, you’ll find a young and vibrant city like you’ve never seen before. Here’s our guide to 48 hours in the city.




Kunsthaus Museum (Heimplatz 1)


According to fans this is one of the most important and richest museum in all Switzerland. There are some permanent exhibitions from artists of great caliber such as Van Gogh, Picasso, Gauguin, De Chirico, Chagall and many others. Temporary installations have also been added: such as that, which is showing until 25 September in honor of Dadaism, titled “Francis Picabia, a retrospective”, which explores the creativity of the great French artist from his successful beginnings as part of the movement. An unmissable event.



Lake Zurich


This, guys, is an compulsory stop for those visiting the city, especially during summer. The lake isn’t only a place for those who want to have a picnic or sunbathe: in summer you can also practise some watersports such as windsurfing or water-skiing, other than simply having lunch or dining in really nice restaurants with a view of the lake.





The mountain that dominates the city (at almost 900m high), is reachable, thanks to a train, which leaves from the city center. Once there you can enjoy fresh, restorative air and the absolutely breath-taking view of the alps and the entire city.





The European biennial of contemporary art, this year will be held in Zurich with exclusive events running until 18 September. The theme of 2016 is “What do people do to make money?” and the aim of this exhibition is to attract non-experts to art.





Frau Gerolds Garten (Geroldstarsse)


The first thing that will strike you about this restaurant is the structure, it is made out of containers piled on top of one another to form a tower; abandoned railing and objects taken from the skip, everything put together in a brilliant and colorful way. Then you will sit and eat one of the best cheese fondues in your life, while surrounded by allotments and in the company of artists. Is your mouth watering?



Kropf (In Gassen 16)


Have you walked a lot and now you’re very hungry? Take a break in this restaurant, which is located right in the city center. Here you can try classic Swiss cuisine: we suggest the Zürcher geschnetzeltes, a meat-based dish with a cream and mushroom sauce…a true delicacy! Then while waiting for your food, don’t forget to look up: the painted fresco ceiling is WOW!



Hiltl (Sihlstrasse 28)


We couldn’t miss out on having a vegetarian restaurant in our guide and Hiltl is THE top vegetarian restaurant, seeing as it was the first one of its kind in Europe. From tofu to seitan, to cheese…and if you’re not too full afterwards, you can go straight to the club, which can be found on the upper floor!



Sternen Grill (Theaterstrasse 22)


We have also given thought to those who don’t like “wasting too much time” eating while on vacation, and the best compromise is street food! Sternen Grill is fantastic and it is the magical bratwurst (the white sausage). You don’t want to leave this fantastic city without having tried the top local dish do you?



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